Your LIF style Communications Partner

Our Approach

Everyone’s different. There is no one standard face to define “consumer. “That’s why we developed our trademarked JSH&A LIF™ – to guide us in creating powerful communications programs that truly connect a brand with its consumers.

LIF identifies the Life Influence Factors that drive preference and build brand loyalty. We identify what defines the brand consumer, including Pulse Points like ego, needs, obstacles and desires that the brand can speak to, as well as the Touch Points where the brand can connect with consumers, such as family, community, work, and, of course, media.

Just as LIF™style drives the consumer strategy, integration drives the program execution across audiences, channels, and tactics to ensure the brand message engages the consumer at multiple points. Integration means we design communications tactics executed through traditional media outlets, social/digital media conversation, direct connections with experiential events, along with full activation with the brand’s internal audience – its employees who know and love the brand.