A Sausome Manwich Twitter Launch

Wednesday, September 16th, 2015

ManwichFirst and foremost, before launching a brand presence on any social media channel, it’s essential to determine that it makes sense for the brand, and that it will be supported with time and money. Detailed Manwich marketing measurement revealed that social media was a particularly efficient and effective medium for the brand in regard to ROI, especially Twitter parties. With that in mind—and consumer research to support that the Manwich consumer is an above average Twitter user—the Manwich team forged ahead to launch a Twitter presence that would further capitalize on the Twitterverse, engaging fans (directly, rather than via influencers) and delivering a constant drumbeat of entertaining and helpful content.

So, assuming you’ve done your due diligence to determine that a Twitter handle is right for your brand and you have the time and budget to support it, let’s get Twittering:

Find the brand voice.
The brand handle should deliver a consistent voice that consumers can rely on and “get to know.” Set-up these social brand standards from the beginning by gathering as much intel as you can about your target and creating a persona, lifestyle and name to guide the content. On Twitter, Manwich followers can expect easy dinner ideas, parenting hacks and a healthy dose of humor to entertain and help

Develop the best content possible. Content is still king, so get creative. Depending on your budget, you may need to bring in outside resources, don’t be afraid to tap your design and copy pros to help to set the tone. Test content themes during this process to find which content resonates best with your audience. We know moms often turn to Twitter for quick weeknight meal ideas, so Manwich makes sure to share easy, kid-approved recipes.

Leverage your friends, influencers and advocates.
The best strategy and content won’t go far if you don’t rally existing influencer “friends” to encourage their fans and followers to follow you and engage with your content. For Manwich, we approached this with multiple tactics. At launch, we announced our new handle to influencers we’ve worked with in the past and engaged them on Twitter. We also worked with influencers to host Twitter parties and share their Manwich din-spiration like recipes and dinner anecdotes.

Don’t forget the paid strategy.
See second bullet regarding content, but a paid strategy is becoming more and more important for brand handles to be heard on Twitter. But Twitter doesn’t come cheap, so be prepared to make the investment in your community from the beginning. For Manwich, our strategy combines follower growth and increasing awareness by amplifying influencer content, key messages and recipes.

The Manwich Twitter handle launched in mid-July and through a combination of Twitter parties, influencer engagement, compelling content and a paid strategy. The handle following and engagement continues to grow. Follow @Manwich for messy-licious din-spiration, and @jshapr for more social insights.