From the Author

Wednesday, September 21st, 2016

When I was asked by longtime client Beam Suntory to write the officialthe-big-man-of-bourbon-cover-image biography of Jim Beam’s grandson, Booker Noe, the former master distiller, I admit I was hesitant. I had never written a biography before and wasn’t exactly sure how to proceed. Since my previous books are all novels (i.e. I make stuff up), researching someone’s life, making sure all the facts and events are accurate, and then putting it all together in an entertaining and readable fashion, seemed like a daunting task.

I shouldn’t have worried. Once I got started, I felt the wind at my back. One interview with a family member, lead to another which lead to long talks with some of Booker’s friends, which led to boxes of old letters stashed away in an upstairs closet, which led to photo albums which led to more interviews with friends and family. In seemingly no time, I had enough material to start writing and when I did I didn’t stop. In a few short months, the manuscript was complete.

It helped that Booker was a MAJOR character, an American Original. Everyone had a story to share, everyone had a favorite memory. Having traveled with Booker for years, I too had my share which I didn’t hesitate to include. In the end, all those stories came together in what I hope is an interesting and enlightening narrative.

To be clear, the book, which comes out in a few days, probably won’t outsell Gone Girl. But it does offer a glimpse into a unique man and cast a bright light on what he accomplished as a bourbon distiller. Just as importantly, it underscores the unique heritage of the company his family started back in 1795.

I hope you all have a chance to read it. If you do, drop me a line and let me know what you think.