Leveraging Social Media to Drive Brand Awareness

Thursday, February 23rd, 2017

I must admit that when JSH&A first started working with CuVerro® antimicrobial copper, I had no idea how powerful copper was. In my mind, copper was beautiful metallic found in a lineup of rainbow-colored Sharpies, a collection of pots and pans in my grandparent’s cupboard or conduit used in construction. But a bacteria-fighting material?Light Switch_141021_0384_edit

I quickly learned that stainless steel – a material of choice for touch surfaces like door handles, faucets, sinks and switch plates – can harbor harmful germs for days, weeks and even months after cleaning. The same is true for other common materials like plastic and wood. However, copper is different. Copper is the ideal material for any surface you touch because it kills bacteria and keeps on killing it, even after repeated contamination. CuVerro copper has even been proven by EPA testing to kill 99.9% of bacteria within 2 hours of exposure.

But CuVerro wasn’t looking to only turn me into a copper evangelist. It challenged our team to identify a highly targeted list of influencers to help tell the CuVerro story and share a series of videos that demonstrated just how dirty the surfaces we touch everyday really are. We wanted to start to shift the mindset away from stainless steel and start to demonstrate the relevancy of copper in everyday applications (hospitals, doctors’ offices, schools, fitness centers, and more!).

JSH&A leveraged its LIF™Style communications approach to carefully craft a strategic social media campaign that delivered CuVerro messages in a meaningful and measureable way. From influencer curated content to streamlined social channel management, a combined paid and earned approach was launched to educate consumers and increase awareness of the bactericidal properties of copper.

At regular intervals, we are evaluating campaign progress by following a three-step process: 1) measuring our results against our goals, 2) determining key learnings and 3) making necessary adjustments. It’s a campaign that is bringing the term “Eww…gross” to life in more ways than one.

So much so, it encouraged me to see just how dirty my cell phone case was. After a quick swab with an ATP tool, let’s just say you’ll see me using an iPhone case made with CuVerro antimicrobial copper moving forward after seeing results three times what’s considered “sanitary.”

To learn more about JSH&A’s approach to influencer engagement and video amplification, contact Deanna Killackey at 630.932.7927 or deanna@jsha.com.