JSH&A helps Corona Extra serve up Cinco de Mayo coverage

Friday, May 15th, 2015

CoronaDEMayo infographicWhile many consumers aren’t sure why they celebrate Cinco de Mayo (HINT: it isn’t Mexico’s Independence Day), over half of the US population celebrates, whether they’re of Mexican heritage or not. From parades to Chihuahua races or even just a simple at-home party, fiestas across the country featured a variety of Mexican fare and quite often, Corona Extra.

In order to highlight its rank as the preferred Cinco cerveza, the JSH&A team worked with Corona Extra to create and package timely content featuring beer sales and fiesta statistics in the form of b-roll footage and an infographic. These tools offered media ready-to-serve content with Corona Extra as the featured beverage at Cinco celebrations.

This creative content paired with aggressive, tried-and-true traditional media outreach drove over 240 MM impressions across broadcast, print and online outlets from FOX News to CNN Money.

Did you Find Your Fiesta? We sure did.