5 Things You Didn’t Know About the Sloppy Joe

Thursday, February 23rd, 2017

Saturday, March 18 marks National Sloppy Joe Day. (If it’s not on your calendar, grab your Sharpie!). To help you get saucy, we’re sharing 5 fun facts about the sandwich.

  1. In Australia, a version of the Sloppy Joe is called a savory mince roll and is served in a pita pocket.
  2. In the 1995 movie “It Takes Two,” Ashley Olsen’s character tries her first Sloppy Joe, which she calls a “Big Gooey Messy Burger.”2009_1027_CA_60130_New
  3. A Washington, D.C. steak house once served a $24 Sloppy Joe named after former Vice President Joe Biden.
  4. A restaurant in Las Vegas serves a catfish Sloppy Joe. (Sounds a bit fishy to us, but as long as you dig in with two hands, it’s all fair game!)
  5. Some say the name Sloppy Joe derives from a line cook in Sioux City, Iowa, named Joe. Others claim it comes from an iconic club in Havana, Cuba named Sloppy Joe’s Bar.

Regardless of what you call your Joe, or how you prefer to top it, we encourage you to roll up your sleeves and grab some napkins as we celebrate this national foodie holiday. What’s more, you’re invited to join the #Manwich conversation on Tuesday, March 16 as @ericttung and food enthusiasts from across the country gather on Twitter to share recipe inspiration and @Manwich memories.