Fake? Make News Great Again

Thursday, February 23rd, 2017

We live in interesting times. The news cycle is now an endless roller coaster, seemingly picking up speed on a daily basis. Our Facebook feeds are full of rumor, opinion, innuendo, breaking news, outrageous news, sort-of-fake- news and real fake news. And the talking heads on cable and the late night shows are downright orgasmic debating the latest and greatest from Washington.

What’s a PR person to do?

Back in the day, all you had to do was create shutterstock_551220664the World’s Largest Pickle, (hot dog, pancake, English muffin) etc., or find a credible, message- trained spokesperson and put him/her on the road, or release the results of an in-depth and essential survey (“do you kiss with your eyes open or closed?”) to have a shot at some coverage. (Okay, I’m probably oversimplifying a bit.) Simplification or not however, nowadays, it’s a different story. Nowadays, competition is fierce and the playing field loaded with mines. Step on one, and there goes body part.

So our challenge is two-fold: 1) figure out how to break through the deafening noise in a meaningful way; 2) do it in a way that doesn’t infuriate the left or right.
Like I said, interesting times.

But not impossible times.

At JSH&A, we’re doubling down on the creative front, developing ideas and programs that can hold their own against the current headwinds. We’re doing this by understanding our clients’ audiences and zeroing-in on their interests, likes and dislikes and engaging them in an effective and persuasive manner. We understand that, in some cases, we have to go one-on-one with our consumer by talking to them in a meaningful way that builds loyalty and trust. (For more information on how we’re doing that, check out our website.)

We also understand that, despite our personal opinions and beliefs, we have to tread carefully and stay away from the political circus that has consumed our country. Democrats and Republicans buy our clients products and services. We can resist or defend on our own time, but not on our client’s time.

In the end, good strategic and creative thinking will carry the day, despite what’s happening in Sweden, Bowling Green or the West Wing.