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3 tips for a winning new product launch

Thursday, November 20th, 2014

Bosch Power Tools imageWhat if you didn’t have to remove the battery from your cordless drill to charge it — instead, you could simply put it back in the case and it would be ready to go the next time you needed it?

Or imagine that your cordless circular saw is always ready when you pull it out of your truck because it charges while you drive to the jobsite. This isn’t just wishful thinking. Earlier this fall, Bosch Power Tools did something that no other power tool company had done. It launched the world’s first inductive charging power system to make wireless tool charging a reality.

JSH&A worked with Bosch to develop a highly integrated new product launch strategy that gave the first-of-its-kind technology its time in the spotlight. By focusing on the job to be done and combining the best of proven and new marketing techniques, the team set the stage for a successful new product launch.

Consider these three tips when planning your new product launch PR strategy:

  1. Don’t just tell, show. In order for the product to come to life, we knew it was important to meet with editorial contacts and key influencers face-to-face. There was more to our story than just a tool – we were launching a game-changing technology that would help increase productivity and profits for businesses.Executives at Bosch agreed and took the product on the road. A multi-city, mobile media tour ensued, building buzz for the launch prior to the national newswire release. The result: interviews with 14 target media and a steady stream of coverage in core consumer and trade publications that sparked interest and a feature story in Forbes!
  2. Modernize old fundamentals. The guiding principle of the Bosch wireless charging system – Power Ready – was integrated into every element of the product, website and promotional materials. The team relied on both digital media and traditional public relations channels to communicate and deliver the new product news. In addition, a highly visual product video boldly demonstrated not only the “how” of the new technology, but also the less tangible “why.” Being in sync with the user and speaking to them about the way they live their life or manage their job is a timeless principle. JSH&A combined an old-school approach (national newswire press release announcement and press kit product mailing) with the latest SEO-enhanced and social vehicles available to ensure materials were easy to share and pick up for coverage. JSH&A worked with Bosch to ensure the marketing mix calendar was strategically aligned to help deliver cohesive messaging across all channels.
  3. Seek ways to insert your message into trending news. Until the launch of the Bosch Power Ready Wireless Charging System, tech media primarily talked about inductive charging as it related to the mobile phone or auto industries. As news of Powermat charging systems extended into Starbucks circles, JSH&A saw opportunity to pitch a larger tech roundup story to demonstrate how wireless charging was reaching into new categories and revolutionizing how people did business. Coverage on Gizmodo and This Old House brought the conversation beyond the tool category and prominently positioned Bosch Power Ready Wireless Charging System as an efficient and productive way to charge power-hungry power tools.

As a result, the JSH&A team has helped Bosch Power Tools generate a total of 91MM media impressions, including 35 earned media placements, for its new wireless charging system.

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