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Leveraging Events to Drive Brand Awareness

Wednesday, August 17th, 2016

Since the launch of Master Lock’s Bluetooth Padlocks — a new product category for the brand — the JSH&A team has leveraged media events to drive product awareness.

Most recently, JSH&A coordinated Master Lock’s presence at Blogger IMG_1968Bash, a digital-focused event with over 550 influencers and traditional media in attendance. Timing was ideal, leading into the back-to-school and holiday writing seasons, ensuring Master Lock was top-of-mind for related stories from locker gear to stocking stuffers. The audience was appropriate for the products showcased (Bluetooth Padlocks, SafeSpace Portable Personal Safes and SentrySafe Fire Chest) and semi-captive—they’re all there to learn about the brands and their products. Our space stood out with easy-to-read bold, branded signage and a simple product display. A small giveaway helped draw people in and guaranteed they left with contact info.

The Master Lock team was talk of the event, conducting product demos and building relationships with top influencers. The event coordinators provided an event media list, which our team used to connect with media post-event. Coverage began the week of the event in July and has continued, with future coverage scheduled through 2016.

Moral of the story … Established media events are a cost-effective way to get product in front of — and in the hands of — media, at scale. More bang for your buck than a media tour, if you can make your brand stand-out.

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