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Inbound Marketing and PR Services

Every brand has a story to tell – a story of its heritage, innovation, discovery, solution, connection, experience, people, places, surprises. The details of each story may vary but the unifying message should always be constant.

JSH&A produces stories that bring color and excitement to the brand essence by bringing the heart and soul of a product or service to life. Through the power of a storytelling we build emotional connections between a brand and its consumers.

“It’s all storytelling, you know.
That’s what journalism is all about.”

– Tom Brokaw.

Creative Strategy

Great marketing always starts with great strategy. While consumer awareness is valuable currency for a brand, it is the emotional connection created between the brand and the consumer that drives loyalty and brand success.

JSH&A designs creative strategies that are relevant and resonate with consumer lifestyles – strategies that connect with consumers in a memorable and meaningful way.

Is your brand story relevant to the lifestyle and needs of your consumer? Does the brand connect on a practical, solution-based level or does it go deeper to generate an emotional response? Simple solution-based products are typically generic and easily replaced. Brands that build an emotional connection, build loyal fans and ambassadors for life.

Social Media & Digital Marketing

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Media/Blogger/Influencer Relations

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Event Planning

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Content Creators

Content IdeasThe new digital arena and its social network are defined by sharing, connecting and engaging on a 24/7 basis.  Brands are now “publishers” with brand-created and brand-owned media outlets taking part in a dialogue with the community.

The JSH&A Content Suite provides a communications road map ensuring an integrated  approach to deliver your brand story to diverse audiences through diverse media. We write the copy, monitor and conduct the conversation for the brand website and microsites, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, enewsletters, and, of course, all of the evolving traditional media outlets which publish and broadcast in both the hard-copy and cyber-worlds.

It takes more than pushing the Share button. Brand storytelling demands synergistic content that delivers relevant messages in a way that fosters relationships, creates value and delivers against the brand promise.

Media Bureau

Whether launching a product, offering a twist to an existing service, or supporting a great cause, communicating with media has become more challenging as traditional media staffs shrink and the blogosphere, with its “citizen journalists,” grows. Now, everyone can reach a global audience with news and opinions.

The JSH&A Media Bureau is in touch with all areas of media resources and crafts messages and outreach tactics specific to their interests and formats. We know the thought leaders and key influencers, respected bloggers as well as the industry journalists. From electronic press releases and high-impact press events, trade shows and international junkets, JSH&A has the inside track to deliver the message and spread the news.

Take Five Video

Photo film with reflectionThe JSH&A Take Five Video team translates brand stories into great video.  It’s that simple.  From tried-and-true B-roll packages to multi-media news releases and consumer-focused web videos, JSH&A creates and delivers videos in dynamic and meaningful ways. We know what viewers are looking for and find the most effective way to communicate it.

Our production process is scalable to fit the message and the format – whether creating a YouTube piece, a C-suite message for the investor relations website, a Facebook spot, or a series of How-To informationals, our video team will write the script, produce and shoot the video, edit, distribute, and monitor results.

That’s a wrap!

Heritage Communications

Beam Straight Up Fred Noe with Jim KokorisCompanies are created by people with a vision. They see something that no one else sees or develop an insight from a different angle that is fresh, innovative.  These are the Alexander Graham Bells, the Steve Jobs, the Jim Beams, the Ray Krocs – the visionaries who create new industries, new products, and new empires.

Every company has its own visionaries with stories of innovation, determination, trials, failures, and successes. These heritage stories reveal the personal values and commitment of the founders and of all who followed to create and ensure the future of the enterprise.

JSH&A mines for the historic voice and experience, the roots of a company, and then writes the Heritage story that informs and inspires. Employees, shareholders, customers gain new appreciations for the people and processes that brought a product and a company to life. As life moves ever-faster, it’s important to reflect, to celebrate and to share a company’s heritage.



Together with White House and corporate communications veteran Kevin Sullivan, JSH&A provides clients with a professional training unmatched in expertise. Our ON MESSAGE team serves as business partners to our clients. We immerse ourselves in their issues, their industry and their challenges.

We arm our clients with the tools necessary to create and deliver powerful messages that resonate with each target audience and create real impact. We prepare employees, C-Suite executives and spokespeople for a variety of multi-media communication scenarios.

Our sessions are fast-paced, interactive and loaded with real-world examples. We demonstrate how, with the right mindset and preparation time, you can maintain command of any interview. We practice on-camera in both one-on-one and mock press conference formats as well as offer guidance on how to most productively use social media to amplify messages. What’s more we explain the “Dos and Don’ts” of PowerPoint while explaining the best ways to practice remarks so the whole audience stays engaged.

If your last media or presentation training session was more than one year ago, it might be time to bring yourself up to speed. Let JSH&A help you and your business thrive in a multi-media global world by taking a refresher course now.

From Facebook to Twitter and every mobile app in between, the evolution of the Internet has enabled consumers to speak out in ways never possible before. They can generate and spread information – good and bad – in a matter of seconds. As a result, consumers have the ability to spread their influence, opinions and recommendations about brands, companies and more to people they know with the click of a button.

That’s why JSH&A makes social and digital programming a part of every campaign. Guided by the insight and research findings from our in-house Social LIF™ team, JSH&A leverages its LIF™Style communications approach to carefully craft 360° integrated campaigns that connect with consumers online in meaningful and measurable ways.

Influencer Engagement

iStock_000005068696SmallJSH&A focuses its strategy on channels that matter most to our clients’ brands. Our approach identifies and engages influencers to leverage the power of word of mouth – online and offline – to share brand messages with friends and family, and tests creative ideas among a representative sample to make sure brand messages resonate with them. After all, what’s the point of outreach if those you’re targeting don’t find value in it or don’t embrace the message? JSH&A’s influencer outreach has resulted in credible third-party brand ambassadors who evangelize our clients’ brands building trust and preference with consumers.

Blogger Relations

According to Technorati, there are more than 1.3 million registered blogs. BlogHer, the nation’s largest network of female bloggers, reported more than 4000 attendees at its 2012 conference in New York.

JSH&A knows that bloggers have become a powerful group of “citizen journalists” as studies report that a blog review can be just as powerful as earned media coverage. Our recent survey, “Women Who Read Blogs,” found that 90 percent of study participants would not purchase a product that received a negative blog review.

We talk with bloggers every day and enlist their participation in product reviews, brand events, corporate activities, sweepstakes or contest promotions. We vet each blogger to ensure we’re targeting those with the strongest impact or content that aligns with our client’s interests. From mom bloggers and dads to foodies, fashionistas, DIYers and simple observers of life, we’ve got you covered!

Social Media Marketing

Suit Social MediaNow more than ever before, consumer communication happens in real time and 24/7. With easy access to smartphones and new social channels, consumer behaviors are evolving. Companies must become experts of online and social engagement or they will be cut out of the conversation.  JSH&A’s Social LIF™ approach helps companies manage the new environment, keeping strategy and overall business goals at the forefront with a Measure, Learn, Adapt approach whenever needed.

Our series of viral videos for Master Lock, “The Secret Combination to Surviving The Teen Years,” created buzz among young adults. Hershey’s “Bunny Trail” kept the Easter season hopping with help from 21 online influencers and a basket full of activities at BlissDom. A partnership with the popular TV show American Chopper kept SKILSAW® buzzing on social media throughout the 75th Anniversary Chopper build leading to the eBay auction. Alexia’s “Reinvent A Classic” brought together celebrity chef Tyler Florence, top food bloggers, and participants at Foodbuzz to create the next great Alexia French fry. Nearly 85,000 votes were cast to declare Bruschetta Waffle Fries the tasty winner.

And that’s just a beginning. For more information about our social media expertise, contact us.

Social Media reFresh

“Focus on how to be social, not how to do social.”

– Jay Baer

Being social means adopting a tone that exemplifies your corporate personality. And, often, this means peeling away corporate jargon and uncovering the casual, fun and more humorous tone that lives within your company—the one that customers will actually want to hear from. To do this, as social media expert Jay Baer says, a brand must “open the kimono and embrace the human, fun side of your company.”

Our Social Media reFresh offering helps brands and organizations:

  • Humanize your brand
  • Develop a social personality and aesthetic
  • Build engagement and relationships
  • Identify performance metrics and KPIs that matter

Getting started with Social Media reFresh

Social Media reFresh programs are customized to meet the needs of individual brands and organizations. Our flexible three-phase approach ensures you receive the guidance and tools needed to move beyond doing social to being social. 

1. Immersion 2. Execution              3. Maintenance
WIFM? Intensive on-site immersion session led by JSH&A to identify:

  • Key brand messages, tone and personality
  • Target audiences
  • Marketing objectives
  • Role of social media
  • Social audit learnings
Creation of strategies, processes and assets, including:

  • Content pillars
  • Visual strategy
  • Creative assets
  • Content calendars
  • Success metrics
Ongoing agency support to manage, optimize and report on social media efforts. 
Commitment?  1-2 days  60-90 days TBD based on need
Required? Yes  Yes Optional
ROI? Deeper understanding of how social media can help your brand achieve its marketing objectives. A toolkit for refreshing your brand’s social media presence and measuring and optimizing performance. Additional agency support, if needed, to manage, moderate and report on social performance.


Sip a tequila, savor some dark chocolate, drive a jackhammer … these are memorable moments that connect a consumer to a product.

Marketing today is all about engaging consumers in a real-life experience with your product and your brand. It’s providing the opportunity to “try it” and “like it,” or better yet, love it and tell all your friends.

Whether putting Laphroaig scotch-lovers in tartan kilts to walk across the Golden Gate Bridge for a tasting event, or sampling Hershey®’s Air Delight Chocolate from a hot air balloon, or inviting bloggers to bake cookies at the Hershey’s Kitchens with recipes using the new Hershey’s Baking Melts, or inviting World of Concrete trade show attendees to try out the new Bosch jackhammer, JSH&A creates innovative and strategically aligned experiences to turn consumers into evangelists.

Word of Mouth Marketing

In the early days of marketing, the ad campaign started with “you tell two friends, and they’ll tell two friends…” Social media has made Word of Mouth an obvious strategy in an integrated marketing campaign. Twitter parties, Facebook fans, YouTube videos, blogger reviews are all built-in communities of consumers eager to share their experience and their opinions.

The concept is simple. Create an event, or a contest, or a sampling opportunity, or a celebrity meet-and-greet and then provide the tools for sharing.

At the Hershey’s S’mores ‘Snacktivity’ Suite at BlogHer, bloggers sat around the campfire toasting marshmallows and posted their pictures on blogs and Facebook and Twitter pages thanking Hershey for a good time and great treat. At the Alexia booth at Food Buzz, Tyler Florence starred in thousands of posts as bloggers gathered to watch him and then went to Alexia’s Facebook page to vote for their favorite recipe.

The best product endorsement comes from a happy consumer.


Hershey's Twizzlers Sampling BlogherWhether a product sample comes from a street team, a “house party” event, a blogger offer, a Facebook ad or fan page promotion, that sample is worth a thousand words. Often, the presentation of the sample can set the stage and predispose the consumer’s reception and perception.

JSH&A understands the art of sampling – creating an environment and presentation experience that aligns with the character of the product and the LIF™style traits of the target consumer. Is it a “brown bag” type of sampling or a “black velvet” consumer? Environmentally-aware or luxury at any expense? Our LIF™Style team designs sampling programs that are relevant and remarkable.

Detail-oriented to the extreme, JSH&A helps brands tell their stories with events that make media talk, consumers notice and clients rave.

Picture it – an editor’s briefing held in the NY Metropolitan Museum of Art, a consumer “Cash4Gas” promotion at a high-traffic suburban gas station, a kick-off with Elvis Presley’s Pink Cadillac, a charity auction of a Skil-Saw chopper built on TV’s “American Chopper,” a Twizzler’s Summer Road Trip adventure, a cross-country tour of Enesco’s Precious Moments figurine museum,  an ogre-sized McDonald’s Shrek Happy Meal launch, the Guinness Book of World Records Largest Hershey’s Kiss and a U.S. Postal Service Love stamp launch for the 100th anniversary of the Hershey’s Kiss. JSH&A loves events, and our clients love that we create and execute with perfection.

Sponsorship & Partnerships

business teamwork - business men making a puzzleA great partnership is golden.  JSH&A expertly mines for and negotiates great partnerships that align with brand attributes and excite the target consumers’ pulse points.

Celebrity spokespeople, media cross-promotions and sponsorships, retailer relations, synergistic brand engagements. We’ve done it all – with measured success for our partners.

Never-Ending Product Launch

Good product launches never end; they gain momentum.  Starting with buzz and anticipation for a new product, continuing with break-through media events that build awareness and generate trial, extending to online communities that feed fans and drive purchase, JSH&A’s Never-Ending Product Launch creates awareness, connects with consumers, and results in loyal brand evangelists.